Beotela New Media MarketingThrough the years we have been engaged in a variety of projects. Each and every one of them we carried out with the utmost attention and dedication.

Business & Internet consultancy
The Internet is a maze and not every idea is a solution for every company. Our approach is let us do what we are good at, this is helping your business to grow by sound advice.

Facebook, Twitter and Google app development
These 3 can boost your business when done right. We love to help you make the right choices that fit your business and business model.

Logo design, web site & portal design up to splashing multimedia presentations
If it looks good it must be good. That is how peoples brains work. Our designers have this cutting edge feeling to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Content Management
The time has passed that for every change of your website you had again to hire some expert consultant. Today the wheel can be entirely in your own hands. If you can type you can add pages and posts to your website add pictures even manage your online E-commerce shop.  We are experts in deploying WordPress, Joomla and quite some other popular content management systems.

Web Marketing and Promotion
Your site is done, your products or services on display now you need them visitors come by. With proper web Online Marketing Specialist, you’ll get to from the Internet back-alley to an A1 top location ranking high on Google, find digital marketing by, an agency with experience in the ranking market.

Game development
There are various reasons to include games in your marketing strategy. First and foremost you provide fun to your customers. Games are entertaining and are able to bring messages to your customers in such a way impossible for other techniques.
A game well-done can go viral, people can share their scores and invite friends to play driving traffic to your site. With games, you are able to plant messages in your customers and visitors brains.

Custom programming
We have been involved in back-office development for financial institutions to specialized orthopedic software. If you have the idea that something should be automated it most likely is possible.

Project Management
All the above points fail without a good project and client management. These are the days of the Internet the people doing jobs like mentioned above usually are not present in your office so you have to rely on that what you expect to happen indeed happens the way you envision it to happen. From experience, we know that working with a remote team of people is not always that easy. Our project managers are there to make sure you have a good night of sleep and are able to focus on your own work.

You’ve most likely already seen our contact slider popping up on your screen. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation with whatever question you may have. We are here to help you. Did you notice by the way that the eye blinks at you? No? Keep looking. Do contact.