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Beotela logoBeotela sponsors the Bulgarian Baby and Child Foundation an organisation driven by people with love for children and parents. They and many other organisations deserve our support.


The Bulgarian Baby and Child AssociationBebe-Dete or the Bulgarian Baby and Child Organisation works from Sofia Bulgaria by helping and educating parents with clear instructions and examples of how to interact with their babies and preschoolers in a respectful and way.

They have a certification program based on the methods of Dr. Harvey Karp, a renowned American Pediatrician, for child-workers and educators. Below a summary of their current programs.

Objective of the Baby and Child project:

• To attract the attention of the general public to the problems of upbringing of children, prevention of child abuse, violence and the usage of coercive disciplinary methods;

• Providing and widely promoting practical solutions, effective and easy-to-use techniques for upbringing of children among parents, including the disadvantaged Roma and economically marginalized groups, students and professionals from the medical and childcare spheres;

• Development and deployment of best child development practices (including The Happiest Baby and The Happiest Toddler of the famous worldwide Dr. Harvey Karp, who ousted dr. Spok, as part of the education of hospital personnel (fact in the US and Serbia) and the pedagogical faculties of major universities

• Certification of trainers, including trainers from the Roma and disadvantaged youth from economically marginalized communities using the “Happiest Baby” method and the “Happiest toddler” child development practice. Organizing a community of educators, assisting them with organizing their own practice through courses and home visits to work with parents throughout Bulgaria to teach the methods.

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